Greek PM to Turkey: There are No Gray Zones in the Aegean

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday sent a message to Turkey saying that “there are no gray zones in the Aegean” in light of recent Turkish provocations challenging Greece’s sea borders.

Tsipras was in Malta for the informal EU summit. “Let me be clear; there are no gray zones in the Aegean,” he said. “There is firm determination from Greece to defend the European and international law and its sovereign rights and there is also determination to deal with composure with all problems that arise, always based on dialogue, cooperation and not sensationalist actions,” he said, adding, “Do not forget; Greek borders are European borders.”

Regarding Turkish provocations and illegal military activity in the Aegean, the Greek PM pointed: “This road leads to nowhere. Greece was, is and will be determined to defend its sovereign rights under international law and European law, which is violated by the other side.”