Refugees Block Migration Min Mouzalas From Entering Elliniko Hotspot

Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas was confronted on Monday by protesting migrants during his visit to the Elliniko Refugee Center, South of Athens. The migrants, protesting against the poor conditions at the reception center, blockaded the entrance of the site preventing the minister and police from entering the premises.

According to the Movement “United Against Racism and Fascist Threat” (KEERFA), the conditions are unacceptable as mothers with infants and small children do not have basic necessities such as baby milk and diapers. Food from the DRC organization is unacceptable and there is no available hot water or laundry machines.

In addition, there are no translators, no access to hospitals and children need to be placed in schools

Mr. Mouzalas was eventually allowed inside by migrants who are calling on the government to immediately satisfy the demands of refugees by improving the conditions in the Greek camp and to provide adequate housing.

During a press conference at the site, Mouzalas denied reports that some of the migrants had started a hunger strike in protest of conditions at the camp and accused a far-left group of spreading the rumors.


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