Calamos CEO John Koudounis: “Grexit a Real Threat But It Won’t Happen”

    John Koudounis, the CEO of Calamos Investments and somebody with extensive knowledge on the Greek debt issue talks to Greek Reporter about Greece. The new difficulties the country is facing have made many media outlets to be talking about a Grexit again.

    Speaking about the US government’s rhetoric on Greece Koudounis noted that President Trump has no agenda to push Greece out of the Euro, because the Eurozone has enough problems of its own that threaten its unity.

    The Greek-American believes that the threat of Grexit is very real but it won’t happen as the international lenders will decide again to “kick the can down the road,” eventually with Greece getting some debt relief in he end.

    Speaking on Greek PM Tsipras, Koudounis said that his administration is actually doing some reforms and that he will do anything necessary to avoid snap elections and keep his power.

    Watch the full interview:


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