Dairy Producers Outraged That Greek Feta Has Lost PDO Status in EU-Canada Trade Deal

The federation SEVGAP, which represents local dairy products industries has spoken out regarding reports released earlier this week that feta cheese produced in Greece will no longer have a Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) status in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union and Canada.

Although the EU has remarked that it will re-examine the issue five years after CETA has been implemented, SEVGAP has dismissed what they see as empty promises, saying that the development was “scandalous.”

Also, according to sources SEVGAP sent a strong message to Greek MEPs who have accepted such measures, essentially labeling them as traitors saying that by not contesting to CETA’s stipulations they have committed “a scandalous injustice against the country” and that this act “will comprise a national betrayal.”