Greek Student Plays Lyre at European Parliament and Speaks About Greece’s Hardships (Video)

    The European Parliament got a rare treat when a student from the Music School Chania Giorgos Papageorgiou played his lyre during a presentation about Greece and the island of Crete.

    The student, a young man named George, appeared alongside two other students, Katerina and Manolis, as they presented facts about their beloved island of Crete as well as spoke to the Parliament about what it is like to live in Greece in these difficult times.

    “It is important to say that perhaps the first civilization in Europe flourished in Greece. The Minoans had relations with the outside world, probably through our products, grapes, oil and more…All this may sound very well, but the truth is that the Greeks are in a very difficult position and trying very hard to have a good life,” the students told Parliament.

    Following their presentation, George played his lyre and received a warm applause from the audience, as you can see in the video below.