Tension Peaks at Oraiokastro as Far-Right Group Protests Refugee Children at School

Tension reached a peak at an Oraiokastro primary school near Thessaloniki on Monday, when a group of far-rightists gathered to protest against the attendance of refugee children in school but were met with opposing anti-fascists. Riot police were dispatched to the scene.

Fifteen refugee children were booed by the rightist protesters while they exited a bus and made their way into the school building — all caught on video. The protesters were waving Greek flags and chanting patriotic slogans.

Leftists gathered separately condemning the actions of the right group that calls itself “Patriotic Union of Greek Citizens of Oraiokastro.” They defended the children by calling the angry group “fascists.”

A group of right protesters attempted to chain themselves to the gate entrance of the same school last Friday in an effort to keep the refugee children out.