Polls Show Greeks Are Ready to See a Conclusion to The Bailout Review

Two surveys that were held following the Eurogroup’s meeting in Brussels on Monday show that most Greeks are more than ready to see the conclusion of the bailout review and no longer see a Grexit as an eminent event.

The polls were released on Sunday in Athens and according to Kappa research polling for the Greek news paper To Vima, around 61.5 percent of the people who responded to the opinion poll are in favor of the ruling SYRIZA government making a deal with lenders to finalize the last bailout review.

There was a considerably low amount of those polled who wanted snap elections according to the results which showed only 27 percent in favor. However, some 57.5 percent of those polled by Kappa said that they weren’t happy with SYRIZA’s negotiations with the country’s international lenders.

Similar results came from a Alco polling firm for the news portal, news247, which also showed that 40 percent of those polled didn’t think that the opposition would have any better results negotiating bailout terms with foreign lenders.

Both polls seem to indicate that Greeks are tired of living in limbo and want to get on with the process of the bailout review. Meanwhile the polls also show that they are not confident in either the ruling SYRIZA or opposition to complete the deal.