ZARO’S Named Best Bottled Water in the World

    ZARO’S natural mineral bottled water won the golden prize award in the “Bottled Water” category in the framework of the 27th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, a competition which brought together more than 600 bottled waters from around the world.

    ZARO’S water, bottled from water sources located at the foot of the mountain Psiloritis in Crete, was evaluated by 12 judges — among them internationally famous water conoisseurs — who examined criteria such as smell, view, taste and texture. The evaluation process lasted two days. Artesia water, coming from the famous Crystal water falls of Michigan, USA ranked second and Svalbaroi Polar Iceberg Water, a Norwegian water — the so-called “100 euros water”-0 ranked second and third, respectively.

    It is the second successive distinction for ZARO’S water, after it won the “iTQi” Superior Taste Award given by the iTOi institute in Brussels last year.
    (source: ana-mpa)


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