New Democracy Leads Over SYRIZA by 14 Points in New Poll

New Democracy received 33% of voters’ preference while SYRIZA gathered 19%, but the majority of participants are against snap elections, a new opinion poll shows.

The survey was conducted by Prorata on behalf of Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper, showing the conservative party leading steadily in polls, this time by 14 percentage points.

The survey measures the “potential influence of a party in the next elections,” measuring the intention of those who declare at a rate equal to or greater than 50%, their intention to vote for a specific party.

The survey results show that New Democracy gathers 33% of the vote if elections were held today versus 19% for SYRIZA. The Greek Communist Party comes third with 10%, the Democratic Coalition follows with 9%, Golden Dawn and To Potami get 8% each, the Centrists Union gather 7% and Independent Greeks get 4%.

However, the majority of participants made it clear that they do not want early elections within the next six months. Specifically, 79% of those who voted for SYRIZA in the previous elections and 59% of those who voted for New Democracy are against snap elections soon.

Also, four out of ten of those who voted for SYRIZA in the previous elections answered that they will not be voting for the leftist party again.