Greek Women Have Fewer Babies Later in Life Compared to EU Counterparts


Greek women are having fewer babies and later in life compared to their counterparts in the EU.

This is the main conclusion drawn by a Eurostat survey on Tuesday, based on a fertility survey in the EU which compiled the EU average.

In particular, the so-called fertility rate in Greece for 2015 was 1.33 versus 1.25 in 2001. In the EU it was 1.58 and 1.46 respectively. In 2015 the highest rates were in France (1.96) and Ireland (1.92), while the lowest rates recorded were in Portugal, Cyprus, Poland, Greece, Spain and Italy.

The average age at which a woman bears a child in Greece, Luxembourg, Italy and Spain is approximately 30 years old. In Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia and Poland, the corresponding age is between 26 and 27 years old. Finally, between 2001 and 2015, births in Greece declined by about 10%, while Sweden and the Czech Republic recorded an increase of 20%.