No End in Sight for Growing Tension Between Farmers and Government Officials

A day following protests and confrontations with local police in Athens and hundreds of farmers from Crete, the farmers union on Crete has said that government officials should expect more of the same reaction by the farmers when they come to the island.

There is no end in sight for the growing tensions between the Greek government and farmers, the head of the local farmers’ committee on Crete, Giorgos Dispyrakis told the Greek newspaper Kathimerini on Thursday, saying “Anyone setting foot on Crete will get the same welcome we got in Athens…People are so angry that not even local politicians show their faces in public anymore.”

The Protests in Athens escalated into a heated confrontation when the farmers were met outside of the Agricultural Ministry by police buses as officials refused to talk to the unionist.

Protests by farmers around the country have increased in recent months in reaction to the government’s new tax increases and cuts to their social securities funds.