Breathtaking Photos by Alexandros Maragos Showcase the Natural Light of the Sun Over Greece

Alexandros Maragos, an Athens-based filmmaker and photographer captures stunning photos of nature around Greece and this month he is showcasing landscape photography showcasing the natural light of Greece — the sun.

Alexandros tends to take photos for landscape photography in the “Golden Hour” and with certain weather conditions to use the powerful impact of the sun’s golden tones to create dramatic and contrasting light. He explains on his blog that he uses “‘bad’ weather which creates an even more dramatic light on the landscape, especially at the end of a storm when direct sunlight breaks through. Heavy clouds, mist and fog add atmosphere to the scene and stormy skies act as a natural diffuser, casting even light across the scene.”

This latest collection of spectacular dramatic sunsets with the shadows of clouds creating images from the sunlight over the skies of Greece is simply beautiful!

All Photos are from Maragos’ blog: “Photography: Capturing the Radiant Light of Greece”

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