Schaeuble: Future Measures Should be Accepted by the Opposition

“In all cases of assistance programs to States, institutions are always warning that decisions on measures for the future should be accepted by the opposition, if there are elections in the near future. It is not a new thing,” stated German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble to reporters in Brussels on Tuesday.

Schaeuble’s French counterpart, Michel Sapen, had reported earlier that the IMF calls for the opposition in Greece to support the fiscal measures after 2019, which, however, was denied by the Fund.

“We need decisions to formulate legislation in such a way as to remain independent of the election results,” added Mr. Schaeuble. “This has been done successfully in the past in other countries, but also in Greece,” he said.

“Whether the assessment can be completed is up to the Greek government” the German Finance Minister stated earlier on the sidelines of the Ecofin meeting.

Mr. Schaeuble excluded the possibility of a disbursement to Athens without ensuring the IMF’s participation in the program, while, on the issue of debt, argued that “even partners in Washington now understand that debt relief is impossible in the EU legislation “