Athens University: Study Shows Greeks Drink Less Alcohol in Excess Compared to EU Average

Athens University’s Mental Health Research Institute carried out a study in June 2015 which showed that two in 10 Greeks claim to have drank alcohol excessively in a one-year period.

The study was done as a part of the EU’s Joint Action on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm initiative and when all of the results came in, it showed that Greek citizens drink considerably less than their EU counterparts.

In fact, compared to the 21.8 percent of Greeks who said that they drank excessively in a one-year period, the average of the EU countries was nearly double that at 40.9 percent.

Another statistic that was revealed by the Joint Action on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm initiative is that the amount of Greeks who drink and experience black-outs was only 11.7 percent, whereas 20 percent was the EU average.


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