‘The Sculpted River of Larissa’ Competing for the Council of Europe’s Landscape Award

The work The experiment of Larissa — the Sculpted River — developing water codes in the centre of the city of Larissa will contest for the Council of Europe’s Landscape Award. In total 13 European cities participate in the contest.

The European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe promotes the protection, management and planning of European landscapes and organizes European co-operation on landscape issues.

The project has been proposed by the urban scale sculptor Nella Golanda and promoted by the Municipality of Larissa. It aims to create a new landscape identity for the city of Larissa based on the lost physical and historical landscape of the newly excavated ancient theater of the 3rd c. BC, in the center of the town.

The central idea of the design is a comprehensive urban landscape intervention, which enables the city of Larissa to welcome the revealed ancient theater in the very center of the town, by using a structured urban center, where various rhythms and qualities have the possibility to develop, “in the River’s flow,” through overall layout Total Art sculpted large-scale interventions, a spatial natural and historical landscape.

Special emphasis in these interventions based in holistic design was given for the emergence of forgotten everyday experiences and relations of living in the riverside and the benefit of the waters through the line of time.

Source: ANA-MPA