Greece Simplifies Licensing Procedures for Food and Beverage Companies

Greek Economy Alternate Minister Alexis Charitsis signed a ministerial decision aimed at simplifying licensing procedures for enterprises in the food and beverage sector.
Under the decision, all food and beverage activities are included in the status of a law 4442, voted in 2016, offering enterprises the ability to directly begin operations through a simple notification. A company does not need to submit paperwork with authorities, but they are available for inspection.

The law also envisages a system of fundamental inspections on the real operation of an enterprise, after the beginning of operations, safeguarding public interest, health and the safety of workers and citizens. The new law safeguards a speedy licensing process, allowing the rapid beginning of an economic activity instead of an average period of 30 days in the past, while it frees the necessary human workforce in civil services to be able to perform inspections.

“With this decision we introduce a new, simpler and more affordable licensing procedure for enterprises, committed to facilitating and supporting entrepreneurship in the country. Enterprises in the food and beverage sector will be able to immediately begin operations with a simple notification and with zero cost, reducing bureaucracy, satisfying a demand by the business community and offering a boost to the economy. Soon, all other economic activities will be included in the law 4442, radically changing the image of business activity in the country,” Charitsis said.
(source: ana-mpa)


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