Second ‘Ethical Hackers Contest’ in Athens a Success

The second “ethical hackers contest,” , EthiHak 2017, was completed with success in an Athens hotel with the three winners being Greunion, AnOncore and Aggressive Cake.

About 60 contestants tried their skills in simulated hacker attacks, as part of the “Infocom Security” conference on internet security.

“EthiHak” is a project aiming to promote the ethical side of computer hacking. Ethical hackers are the ones who try to protect computer systems from attacks by malevolent hackers.

The first exercise in the contest was “Industrial Espionage.” The second warned contestants that they have to deal with a ring of accountants and economist who have invaded a server and misappropriated large sums of money from companies and freelancers. In the third exercise the “ethical hackers” had to decode messages as Greek soldiers in a case where the counter-espionage unit had stolen some crucial military information from the enemy.


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