One in Three Greeks Paid Zero Tax in 2016

Nine out of ten Greeks declared incomes below 20,000 euros last year while 31.8 percent of taxpayers did not pay any taxes, according to newspaper To Vima on Sunday.

According to figures based on the 8,645,596 tax returns filed in 2016, Greek taxpayers declared a total 74.2 billion euros, against 73.9 billion in 2015. However, the average income has decreased by 1.1 percent while the average tax is up by 3 percent.

Based on Ministry of Finance data, Greek citizens paid 8.2 billion euros in income tax in 2016, against 7.8 billion they paid in 2015.

One in seven taxpayers (1.263 million or 14.6 percent) declared zero income, while 32 percent (2.767 million) of taxpayers declared incomes below 5,000 euros.

Farmers showed significantly lower incomes in 2016 compared to 2015, as 435,908 taxpayers in rural areas declared incomes averaging 2,822 euros compared to average income of 3,103 euros in 2015.


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