Greeks Must Wait for Notification From Tax Office to See if They Reached Tax-free Threshold

The Greek government previously announced that it was going to create an application where taxpayers could keep track of their financial transactions in order to know when they reach the set amount needed to cover a tax-free threshold. However, this plan has not been put into place and by all accounts seems to have been abandoned.

The end result is that taxpayers will have to do their own calculations of their electronic transactions via credit card, debit card and through e-banking in regards to claiming a tax-free threshold. This means that, until taxpayers receive the official notification from the tax office saying that they are eligible for a rebate or owe money, taxpayers are in the dark about whether or not their electronic transactions count toward this year’s tax discount.

The Greek newspaper Kathimerini has reported that the tax offices have shifted their focus from creating the application to allow taxpayers to keep track of their electronic transactions to the “implementation of other applications” which will help streamline the interconnection of Taxisnet’s online system with other online systems such as Hellenic Exchanges and the National Land Register, as well as with the Labor Ministry’s Ergani hirings database.


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