Cold Blooded Murder Outside School in Glyka Nera

Eight nine-millimeter bullets were found outside an Elementary School on Salonon Street, in Glyka Nera, where 47-year-old Vassilis Grivas was shot to death early Wednesday morning.

The murder occurred just after 8 a.m. only a few minutes after the victim had dropped his child off at school. Two strangers driving in a car stopped in front of his car blocking him in and after stopping next to him, shot the victim several times including a fatal bullet wound to the head.

One of the bullets went astray after hitting a railing, resulting in the injury of a mother who had also just dropped her child off at school.

The woman has been transferred to the Sismanoglio hospital, where she is being hospitalized without serious injury.

The perpetrators, escaped immediately after the assassination, and then set fire to their car on Agamemnonos street — about a 600-meter distance from the school.

According to eye-witnesses the two perpetrators jumped on two large-size motorcycles driven by two accomplices and headed toward Spata Avenue.

The victim is alleged to have been involved with the authorities in the past for his involvement as the leader of a “protection” ring. There was another assassination attempt on the man previously in 2003.