Refugee Flows Increase on Chios and Lesvos; 91 Arrivals in One Weekend

A total of 91 refugees and immigrants arrived in Lesvos and Chios over the last two days.

Of these, 90 arrived in Lesvos, 25 on the Lagada coast, 65 in the area of ​​Mytilene airport and one in Chios.

In the first case, two traffickers who were trying to escape to Turkey were arrested.

On Monday and Tuesday, 116 refugees and migrants arrived in Chios alone, while a total of 1,029 refugees and immigrants made it to the northern Aegean islands in April.

According to the General Police Directorate of the northern Aegean, as of today, there are a total of 8,600 migrants on the islands, in camps and other structures. Of these, 3,030 are in Lesvos, 3,852 in Chios and 1,718 in Samos.