Doctor Arrested for Murdering 36-Year-Old Lover and Mother of Three

A 38-year-old Doctor was arrested on Friday, for the murder of a 36-year-old woman with whom he is alleged to have had an affair with. According to his lawyer, Mrs. Elsa Vlahou, the Doctor is denying that he had a sexual relationship with the woman and expressed deep sorrow after learning of the woman’s death.

The forensic police department has launched an investigation to find out how the 36-year-old woman and mother of three was murdered. According to the Coroner, the first postmortem tests reveal that her death was not caused by strangulation, stabbing or shooting.

The deceased woman’s husband had declared her disappearance on April 27, after which a search has been ongoing to find her. It is reported that one day prior to her disappearance, she traveled to Thessaloniki to undergo minor surgery at the Ippokrateio General Hospital. The surgery was to be performed by the 38-year-old doctor with whom she was having a love affair with. The woman was communicating with the Doctor through Facebook and by phone.

Since the deceased woman’s husband had declared her disappearance, the police had raised suspicion on the 38-year-old vascular surgeon. The conversations he had with the 36-year-old on Facebook were enough to prove that there was indeed a love affair between them that was not going well.

According to reports, the vascular surgeon’s story went wrong when he told police officers that he had gone to his home in Panorama on the evening of April 26. Information gathered by police officers, show that he in fact did not go to Panorama, but instead drove to Chalkidiki. Surveillance cameras show the vascular surgeon’s vehicle headed for Chalkidiki and returning to Thessaloniki at dawn the next day.

Taking into account all of the information gathered, police officers began searching in a specific area in Paliouri, Chalkidiki, while police officers in Athens kept a close watch on the suspect’s every move. Once the corpse of the woman was found in a stream in Paliouri, the Prosecutor was informed and an arrest warrant was issued. The police arrested the 38-year-old and began his transfer to Thessaloniki. He is being charged with voluntary manslaughter and defamation of a deceased person.