ND Leader Mitsotakis Accuses Tspiras Goverment of Corruption

Kyriakos Mitsotakis leader of the main opposition party New Democracy continues to accuse Tsipras SYRIZA-ANEL government of corruption. Specifically stating Tsipras wrote off a 38-million-euro fine exacted on a tobacco firm co-owned by Greek-Russian businessman Ivan Savvidis.

Mitsotakis made these statements while being interviewed on Skai Television. He also said a ND led goverment would know how to renegotiate Tsipiras’ “failed” bailout deal.

In the interview on Saturday, Mitsotakis argued that Greece’s lenders would have greater trust in his government which would help lower primary surplus targets.

“We are reliable when it comes to reforms,” Mitsotakis told Skai. “We will bring jobs to Greece,” he said, adding that “I believe we can convince them that a 3.5 percent primary surplus is an impossible target.”

Mitsotakis dismissed the so-called countermeasures pledged by the government to offset austerity as a “great fraud.”

ND wins over SYRIZA in polls

In a related development, a new opinion poll showed ND retaining a strong lead over SYRIZA.

If general elections were to be held now, 26.3 percent of Greeks would vote for ND compared to 15.7 percent for SYRIZA, according to the poll which was carried out for the Parapolitika newspaper by Metron Analysis.

Steady in third place is neofascist Golden Dawn, followed by the Communist Party (KKE) with 5.7 percent and PASOK with 5 percent.

The right-wing Independent Greeks, which shares power with SYRIZA, would secure just 2 percent, significantly short of the 3 percent threshold for entering Parliament.


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