Buy Some Greek Real Estate Playing Santorini-Inspired Board Game ‘Santopoly’

Want to try your hand at the Greek real estate market on Santorini? Why not give a board game inspired by Monopoly a go. The game, called “Santopoly” is available for purchase and promises a Grecian adventure in the property investment market to all who play!

Santopoly was thought up by Thomas Karakletsos and Dimitra Lola who have spent years living and working on Santorini and decided to invent a board game that revolved around the island.

“We were at a cafe/bar/gallery in Oia one afternoon, towards the end of the summer in 2015, and noticed that there weren’t any board games, which we’re both fans of,” Dimitra, who works as tour guide on the island told the Greek newspaper, Kathimerini.

Dimitra developed the content of the game while Thomas created the art portion and together, they recreated Santorini in a board game featuring squares that represent the island’s 22 villages. The game also reflects realistic real estate prices due to location, as well as historical facts about different parts of the island.

The game is in English and is available here.