Athens Welcomes Foodies to Celebrating 2nd Street Food Festival in May

The month of May has brought the 2nd Athens Street Food Festival complete with great food and radio DJs in the district of Gazi. The ongoing event, taking place over the weekends during the month of May saw tens of thousands of locals and tourists enjoy the fun of the festival.

The Athens Street Food Festival has become a very popular event and the streets were packed and the air filled with the aroma of roadside-style cuisine — not only from Greece but from around the world. There were outlets set up that were selling food from Greece, Thailand, Mexico, Germany, Peru, Turkey, Italy, USA and other countries. In all, around 40 outlets participated in this year’s event.

In 2017, the Athens Street Food Festival was held over the weekends in the month of May at Palio Amaxostasio of OSY (Ermou and Pireos St) in Gazi, a suburb of Athens.