Robber Arrested Is Brother of Imprisoned Greek Terrorist

Hellenic Police on Wednesday arrested two men who robbed a money transfer truck in Athens. One of them was the brother of an imprisoned member of Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire terrorist group.

Police arrived on the spot at the Agricultural University of Athens right after the robbery, as they were notified immediately by the crew of the armored vehicle. The motorcycle unit (DIAS) located the two robbers trying to flee from the spot using a motorbike.

The police officers saw the two men trying to start the vespa, without managing to get it running. After that they started running, with one of them carrying the box.

The man with the safe was arrested, while the other one who had his hands free disappeared in the Agricultural University of Athens premises and managed to escape. A search operation is being carried out.

After the police officers identified the man and found out that he is the brother of a jailed terrorist, they called the counter-terrorism unit of the Hellenic Police. The robber’s brother is a convicted member of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire terrorist organization.
Counter-terrorism officers believe that the men robbed the money truck in order to fund terrorist activities, as is the modus operandi of the group.
The robber’s brother was arrested in 2013 along with three other people in a cafe in the New Philadelphia neighborhood of Athens. Counter-terrorism officers are considering the possibility that the robbery was part of an ongoing effort to create a new core of the organization.