Dejan Vucovic’s Appeal to FYROM’s Extradition Request to Be Discussed By Greece’s Supreme Court

The extradition request from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) of Dejan Vucovic will be discussed in Greece’s supreme court on Wednesday. Vucovic is seeking asylum in Greece saying he fears for his life if he returns to his native FYROM. On April 26 a Thessaloniki court granted the extradition request by FYROM, which Vucovic is now appealing.

Vucovic, 30-years-old, was arrested in Thessaloniki in February of this year on charges of drug trafficking and illegal possession of arms in accordance to an international warrant that was issued by FYROM.

Vucovic, a native of FYROM, is being held in Diavata Prison in Greece and claims that he is being framed by ethic Albanian officials in FYROM in retaliation for the role he played when FYROM security forces clashed with members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) (which no longer exists) in the northern town of Kumanovo in 2015.