PM Tsipras on Greek Debt: I Might be Forced to Put on a Tie

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras commented on the climate that is being formed for the country, saying it’s “too good to be true,” arguing that in the next period he will follow with an “investment tsunami.”

With regard to Greece’s debt, Alexis Tsipras said “it sounds like I may be forced to put on a tie,” insinuating that he is preparing a formula that will lead to the final solution for the Greek debt problem.

However, during the prime minister’s talk with parliamentary editors, the “gray zones” and the sharp points that prevent the IMF and Berlin from agreeing on how to deal with the Greek debt could potentially lead to a new disaster.

“The IMF means what it says. This means that the game is not a set-up,” the prime minister explained adding “It also means that May 22 can be a difficult night without an agreement.” He also said that there is a positive side and there may be a solution.

The Greek Prime Minister also appeared optimistic about the exit of the country into the markets, noting that a 4% -4.5% interest rate is not out of the question.

Responding to a relevant question, Mr. Tsipras clarified that the vote for the omnibus bill is turning to a vote of confidence for the government, although he did not seem to worry about possible losses.