File on NGO Accused of Criminal Acts to go to Supreme Court Prosecutor, Mouzalas Says

Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas on Thursday announced that he is forwarding the complete file on a non-governmental organization active in Greece to the Supreme Court prosecutor, either on Friday or next Monday, so that reports accusing the NGO of serious criminal offenses can be investigated.

“There was a report by some people working for an NGO about the NGO itself. I contacted the European Commission, the people at the NGO and the investigation will be undertaken by the Greek state, in accordance with the law,” Mouzalas said on the sidelines of a Central Macedonia municipalities’ meeting. He said that the specific NGO was not just a listed NGO but one of the partners of DG ECHO — the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations — in one of its humanitarian aid projects.

Mouzalas revealed that the acts reported concern over sexual harassment and misappropriation of funds meant for refugees. He also appealed that the incident should not be allowed to “cast a shadow over everyone.”
(Source: ANA-MPA)


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