Bus Transporting Elementary Students in Serres Overturns, 8 Minor Injuries Reported

A bus accident in Agosta Serres involving students on a bus tour from the Vamvakofytos Primary School has occurred. According to the parent club’s announcement on its facebook page, the trip was a day trip to Porto Lagos and Alexandroupolis.

The police have reported that 7-8 students were injured in the overturning of the bus and that they have been transferred to the hospital of Drama. Their injuries are not life-threatening, authorities said.

The bus reportedly overturned in the provincial road of Krinidas-Agistas in Serres in the early morning hours on Friday.

Initial reports indicate that a truck may have cut off the bus, which caused the bus to overturn and some of the children were injured as a result. Police is looking for the truck driver who ran away after the incident.

The fire department promptly arrived on the scene with six vehicles and 15 firefighters who attended to the injured bus passengers.

There is no further information at this time on the injured or the exact cause of the accident.