The Third “Friendship Marathon” Sees Greece and Turkey Lift Their Borders

Some 500 athletes participated in a “Friendship Marathon” – a half marathon that started in Turkey’s Edirne and ended in Greece’s Kastanies.

For the event, the two countries lifted their borders and allowed movement between Turkey and Greece as Greece did not ask for Schengen visas for the Turkish athletes entering the country.

The “Friendship” half marathon is an annual event and this year marked the third time the race has taken place. The concept of the race came from the Turkish-Bulgarian-Greek Friendship Association (TUYUB), which is a local non-profit organization which aims towards bettering cultural interaction between the three bordering countries.

With a time of 1 hour, 6 minutes and 12 seconds in the men’s category, Sulti Gare Timbre of Ethiopia finished in first place.