Kassel Citizens Welcome Greek and German Presidents with Placards “Distomo Massacre: Never Again”

    German citizens of Kassel welcomed the presidents of Greece and Germany holding placards reading in Greek “Distomo massacre: never again” referring to the number of 218 people executed by the German troops in order to honor the memory of the victims of Distomo massacre. The two Presidents of Greece and Germany signed on the placards.

    Meanwhile, the inauguration of Documenta 14 Exhibition was held in the presence of the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos and his German counterpart Frank Walter Steinmeier in Kassel.

    The exhibition is for the first time in its 60 years co-hosted in Athens.

    The event was also attended by Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou.

    Documenta 14 will be held in Athens until July 16, while in the German city it will last until September 17.

    In reply to a question posed by the Athens Macedonian News Agency, Pavlopoulos said: “There is much that unites all the peoples of Europe and of course Greece and Germany. We will always remember the victims of the Distomo massacre, not to rub it in, but to teach everyone that the dangers to Democracy have not passed because if we take a look at what is happening all over Europe, we will see that remnants of that nightmarish past still remain.”

    “Democracy is fragile and therefore we must always defend it,” he underlined.
    (Source: ANA-MPA)