President Pavlopoulos: Greece Cannot Think of its Future Outside the EU

    “The destiny of anyone who relies on power without respecting international law and its ethics is predetermined,” Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Sunday during his speech at the ceremony for his proclamation as an Honorable Citizen of Milos.

    The president was attending The Milos Conferences. According to the non-profit site The Milos Conferences “is a function of the “Milos Conference Center – George Eliopoulos”, a non-profit organization, located on the island of Milos, Greece.

    The objective of the “Milos Conferences” is to create the conditions for interaction between academia and industry, and between different disciplines and to disseminate scientific and technological developments especially to young scientists.”

    It is not completely clear at the time of this report what Pavlopoulos was referring to when he mentioned respecting international law, pointing out that anyone who believes that through power they will prevail without respecting international law and its ethics will sooner or later be defeated. By inference the President may be commenting on Brexit based on the results of Britain’s recent elections post exit from the European Union.

    He continued with mentioning the history of Greece as it relates to Europe. “Greece cannot think of its future outside the European Union, having definitively and irrevocably decided that its course is only within the hard-core of the EU and the Eurozone; so the Family of European Peoples would never be complete and worthy of its name and its cultural heritage without Greece, as a permanent and integral member.”


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