Police Get a Break in Case of Murdered 57-Year-Old Broker Found in Agios Konstantinos

Police have found a break in the murder case of the 57-year-old broker from Glyfada, who was found on June 11 in a car park in Agios Konstantinos.

Following an examination of the victims stomach contents the police went to a restaurant which is on the way from Athens to Agios Konstantinos and found that he had indeed dined at the restaurant. While there, the victim was seen with an elderly man on security cameras.

The lead brought the police to examine and connect the victim with a 70-year-old resident of Chalkida, who they connected with the broker once they were able to lift privacy laws and examine the victim’s latest communications via his mobile phone. Police arrested the 70-year-old yesterday in Imathia.

After the latest developments in the case, murder charges have been filed and a case will be brought to the Prosecutor of Lamia.