Macron-Merkel: We Didn’t Talk About Greece and That Is Good

The fact that Greece was not on the Summit agenda has relieved a series of leaders with the President of France Emmanuel Macron saying that “we did what we could do with the Chancellor so that the Greek issue is not on the agenda.”

“These issues are better resolved by the finance ministers,” he said, adding that the ministers of France and Germany managed to reach a consensus that allowed for an agreement and “we should congratulate them for this,” Mr. Macron said, adding that the deal will help the Greek recovery and the reforms that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will implement.

“A very strong consensus framework was found in the last Eurogroup. We did not talk about Greece, and that’s very good news because we worked very hard with Chancellor Merkel to come to the agreement that was at the Eurogroup,” Mr. Makron said.

On her part, Angela Merkel commented that it was “positive” that the Summit did not deal with Greece. “This means we have found good solutions,” she said, pointing out that the “Juncker package” would also provide support for investment.