KEFIM: Greeks Will Have to Work an Average of 203 Days in 2017 to Pay Taxes

The Dragoumis Center for Liberal Studies (KEFIM) has released data showing that Greeks will have to work an average of 203 days this year in order to pay taxes.

The KEFIM researched when the first day during the year Greece will celebrate “tax freedom day,” or when a country has earned enough income to be able to pay its taxes. For Greeks, this year tax freedom day will come July 23. Last year tax freedom day was on July , meaning that it is becoming more difficult for the income of Greeks to cover the taxes for state and social insurance contributions. Only two other EU bloc countries, France and Belguim, have tax freedom day later than Greece.

KEFIM’s research showed that compared to 2006, Greeks are working an additional two months before they are able to reach tax freedom day. Miranda Xafa, financial analyst and member of KEFIM’s scientific council told that further data shows that for a self-employed person in Greece, 82 out of every 100 euros goes towards taxes and contribution payments.


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