Greece Launches Satellite Hellas Sat 3 (video)

The Greek and Cypriot telecommunications satellite Hellas Sat 3 was launched into orbit late Wednesday night from French Guiana, according to the digital policy ministry.

Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Minister Nikos Pappas, who watched the launch from the Arianespace station in French Guiana, spoke to the Athens Macedonia News Agency saying that Greece is “turning a page” with regard to its policy to make the most of space and space applications.

Pappas praised the work of his ministry saying that after months of negotiations and hard work, “the benefits for the country have tripled.”

The minister explained that Greece now has six transponders, three ground-based satellite hubs, 200 terminals, covering key areas such as Defense, Security, Civil Protection.

Pappas further said that Greece is ensuring its presence in space, paving the way for the continuation and expansion of related activities. Now researchers and companies active in the space sector can have the support they need, he added.


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