Thessaloniki Gulf Filled with Plankton (video)

    The Thermaikos Gulf of Thessaloniki has been filled with plankton for the past three days. Greek authorities are making efforts to reduce it as the stench combined with high temperatures is a cause of great discomfort for locals. Experts try to tackle the unusual phenomenon using special equipment and recruiting specialist crews to clean the mess.

    “With the special help of experts and the use of additional equipment, we try to reduce the phytoplankton. Although the phenomenon is too large to be tackled easily, we do our best to fight it and reduce it to acceptable limits,” said Deputy Interior Minister Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha on ERT 3 television, adding that, ” Thermaikos is a key factor in the prosperity of Thessaloniki and we will protect it in every way “.

    The problem has been aggravated in recent days, as huge quantities of phytoplankton covered the gulf of Thessaloniki, exacerbating intense odor.


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