Greek State Outstanding Debt to Individuals Reaches €5.05 Bln

Greek government and public sector debt to individuals rose to 5.05 billion euros in May, from 4.96 billion in April, according to figures released by the Finance Ministry.

At the same time, debt to private sector suppliers and service providers was only reduced by 71 million euros, dropping to 3.84 billion euros in May from 3.91 million in April.

Outstanding tax refunds amounted to 1.21 billion, while in April they stood at 1.05 billion euros. Of the outstanding refunds, 893 million are direct taxes and 155 million indirect taxes.

The highest overdue liabilities are to social security organizations (2.24 billion euros), of which the National Organization for Healthcare Provision (EOPYY) owes 1.199 billion euros. The amount of overdue hospital liabilities amounted to 543 million euros versus 600 million euros in April.

Regarding ministries, the Economy and Development has 46 million in arrears, while the Ministry of Infrastructure and Networks owes 38 million euros.