Opposition New Democracy Nears Overall Majority in New Poll

A new poll published in Greek daily Parapolitika shows that the opposition New Democracy (ND) is closing in on its target to achieve overall majority in the next parliament.

According to the Metron Analysis poll ND enjoys a double-digit lead of 14.8% over governing SYRIZA.

Extreme right Golden Dawn comes third at 8.3%, followed by Democratic Alliance (PASOK-DIMAR) at 8.1%.

The Communist Party (KKE) is in fifth place with 8%, followed by the Centrist Union with 3.8%.

The remaining parties are below the 3% threshold to gain parliamentary representation.

Leader of ND Kyriakos Mitsotakis is the most suitable prime minister with a 27% approval rating, followed by Alexis Tsipras with 14%, while 45% of the respondents trust neither.


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