Promitheia: Reviving the Ancient Greek Spirit on Mount Olympus

Hundreds of people gathered on Mount Olympus in central Greece for the annual festival dedicated to the Ancient Greek spirit.

The Prometheia festival, now in its 22nd year, is a five-day event that takes place on the home of the Gods – according to the Greek mythology. It includes ceremonies, discussions and fun activities for those who believe that the ancient Greek ideals are worth of worship in the modern world.

Many participants wear chlamys – a short cloak worn by men in ancient Greece- sandals and a wreath on the head to express their faith to the ancient Greek gods. The event attracts diverse groups of people, from atheists, to many who worship the Ancient Greek gods, while others are Christian Orthodox.

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On Friday, participants revived the ancient Greek procession on the streets of the town of Litochoro and got initiated to the ancestral spirit by watching the events of the Promethean drama and the Promethean fire.

On Saturday the main event is the recreation of historic events and ancient Greek ceremonies, followed by the main event described as a Dionysian celebration until late in the night.

The Prometheia festival, inspired and realized by Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Tryphon Olympios is more of than event, is taking Greeks “back to their roots” as he put it.

Organizers dismiss critics who describe the festival as a gathering of kitsch by paganists, polytheists and other marginal religious groups, saying that it is merely a celebration of values that humanity recognizes and aspires to.

Watch Greek Reporter’s live from Promitheia: