Turkish Fighters Violate Greek Airspace 37 Times on Thursday

Turkey intensified the provocative violation of Greek airspace as the Hellenic Air Force dealt with 37 violations on Thursday.

The violations took place while tensions are escalating between the two countries over the drilling for natural gas by Cyprus.

Turkey has threatened to take action, while the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, accused Ankara of not showing respect for stability, cooperation and peace.

The violations occurred in the northeastern, central and southeastern Aegean.

According to the General Staff of the National Defense, two of the Turkish aircraft were armed, while one dogfight between Greece’s airforce and Turkish fighters was recorded.

A formation consisting of two F-16 fighters, as well as CN-235 naval co-operation planes, committed four violations of Athens FIR and 37 violations of Greek airspace.

All Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted by fighters of the Hellenic Air Force.


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