Thesauri Launches First Greek Caviar

Greece will soon launch the first and unique Greek caviar Thesauri to luxury hotel and restaurant sites in the country. The caviar is to be lauched through a new partnership inaugurated by the innovative premium brand; Luxury Concierge, a VIP services company for foreign and Greek travelers seeking luxury services.

Thesauri caviar is a unique caviar quality product taken from the Oscietra fish, one of the most valuable and expensive caviar products on the market along with the famous Beluga and Cevruga. Thesauri can already be found in Russia, the US, Canada and Europe, and Thesauri is now dynamically penetrating the Greek market.

Thesauri -a member of VIKI group- taking advantage of its 20-year experience in fish farming and innovative know-how, is producing a special high-quality caviar in a state-of-the-art vertical production unit in Arta.
(Source: ANA-MPA)