Migrants Set Fires at Lesvos Camp, Clash With Police

Migrants set fires around the Moria camp on Lesvos and hurled rocks at police in reaction to the deportation of a fellow asylum seeker who is to be deported back to Turkey.

According to Lesvosnews.gr, on Tuesday afternoon the migrants — mostly Africans — at the Lesvos Reception and Identification Center protested the deportation back to Turkey of a fellow asylum seeker. They got out of the camp and closed the road by setting trash bins on fire, while at the same time they obstructed the trucks of the fire brigade that rushed to the spot.

Some migrants set fires on nearby olive groves on the northern side of the camp to distract the police and fire department forces that arrived on the scene. They also vandalized parked cars near the camp. When police arrived the migrants hurled rocks at them before retreating back to the camp.