First Hydra World Music (HMW) Festival to be Held on August 25-27

Set against the unique backdrop of Hydra, one of the cosmopolitan Saronic Gulf islands that was a haven and adopted home for several artists, musicians and novelists in its history, the first Hydra World Music (HMW) festival will be held on August 25-27 this year, featuring artists from all parts of the planet.

The HMW festival aims to be a ground-breaking musical event that will bring together the historic musical traditions of the entire world and the aim of its founder Adriano Konialidis is to set up a lasting institution.

“Our desire is to create a legacy of which Hydra can be proud. We want to live up to the island’s high standards, bringing international artists to Hydra for an unforgettable weekend,” he said. According to HMW associate Barthold van Doorn, the festival hopes to be “an attractive platform for an interesting mix of talented local and world artists.”

The programme includes live performances and DJ sets in four different locations on the island, with the opening event to be held at the Hydra Museum in the port on August 25. The shows on Saturday will be held in Spilia, while those on Sunday at Enalion, on the Vlychos Beach.

This year’s line up will include legendary Madagascar artist Kilema, Señor Coconut singer Argenis Brito, Egyptian singer-composer and accordeon-player Youssra El Hawary, British folk singer Brooke Sharkey, Greek-Brazilian singer Katerina Polemi, German DJs Michael Ruetten and Habibi Funk, DJ Palov and the bands Patatatiti and Momo Trio.

Source: ANA-MPA