Mount Athos Exempted from Paying Property Tax

Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas has approved an amendment that exempts Mount Athos monasteries from paying any pending property tax.

The amendment, also signed by SYRIZA MPs Panos Skouroliakos, Giorgos Lazaridis and Centrist’s Union MP Giannis Saridis, exempts the monasteries from paying their pending Large Property Tax (FMAP) and the unified property tax on any properties owned inside or outside Mount Athos. 

The amendment was included in the ministry’s draft bill on the creation of an e-platform for buying TV ads. 

The monastic community of Mount Athos has had a special, “religious oriented status” for centuries and is frequently visited by Christian world leaders wishing to pay tribute to its way of life.

(Source: AMNA)


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