Prank Call Causes Delays in Ships departures from Santorini

A call from an unknown man warning of an explosive device inside a ship waiting to sail for Piraeus from the port of Santorini turned out to be a prank, police said on Thursday.

Dozens of passengers were stranded in Santorini as they waited for police and the coast guard with a sniffer dog to complete checks in three passenger ships scheduled to leave this morning.

“Nisos Samos” ferry was scheduled to leave at 12:30 but departed at 13:30, the “Champion Je” catamaran was expected to leave Santorini at 12:25 but was delayed until around 14:40, and the last one to leave was the “Hellenic Highspeed”.

All three ships were cleared by the authorities and are currently on their way to Piraeus. 

Source: AMNA


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