Historical Italian Navy Sailing Ship “Palinuro” to Visit Cyprus

The Italian Navy has chosen the port city of Larnaka, on the south coast of Cyprus, as one of the ports of call for the stunning sailing training ship “Palinuro”, in the context of the 53rd Chief Petty Officer training campaign for the cadets of the Italian Navy’s Academy of Taranto.

A press release issued on Monday by the Italian Embassy states that from August 28 until September 1, Cypriots will have the chance to visit one of the most famous Italian Navy ships, built in 1934 and used since 1955 as a training vessel for hundreds of Italian cadets who have started their careers from its decks, learning the basics of seamanship and developing a strong team spirit and personal ethos to uphold the traditions of the Italian Navy.

The training campaign is an essential activity in the cadets’ education, complementing the academic side of their studies.

(Source: CNA)


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