Chinese Opera Artists Perform at Greece’s Aeschylus Festival

Artists from China’s Huangmei Anhui Opera Theater gave a performance of the classic play “Marriage of the Fairy Princess” on Sunday, an event of the Aeschylus Festival.

The stage was the old oil mill of Elefsina, the main venue of Aeschylus Festival, in the place where the ancient Greek tragedian Aeschylus was born 2,500 years ago. This year, the festival featured 60 theatrical, dance and music performances.

The Chinese artists presented a masterpiece of one of China’s most important opera styles in the past two centuries. The performance was part of the celebrations of the China-Greece cultural exchanges and culture industry cooperation year in 2017.

After the twinning of Elefsina and China’s Haicheng city in 2014, it is the fourth consecutive year the prestigious Greek festival has hosted a Chinese cultural production.

“Anhui Huangmei Opera’s performance in Greece represents a culture exchange and interaction between the East and the West,” Dong Qing, president of the Association of Anhui Arts, told Xinhua news agency.

“After Elefsina was chosen as European Cultural Capital, we want to come in closer contact with other civilizations…. The Chinese civilization is one of the most important in antiquity and modern times and from this point of view, we are trying to learn from the Chinese theater and Chinese people’s views in the past and today,” Elefsina Mayor Giorgos Tsoukalas told Xinhua.

Elefsina has been declared European Capital of Culture for 2021.