Historical Donut Shop in Athens Shuts Down After 91 Years Due to Crisis

Aegeon, the most historical donut shop in Athens, has shut down due to the economic crisis, 91 years after it first opened its doors in central Athens.

Greek donuts, called loukoumades, are deep fried and served on a plate with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Aegeon and loukoumades became synonymous in the capital, located close to the Athens University original building, the Bank of Greece and two emblematic cinemas.

No wonder it became the place to be for decades, especially after the war. “It’s been almost a century! The Aegeon cycle has closed. We are hoping to sweeten our customers again under new conditions in the near future!”, the owner wrote on the shop’s website.

Travel magazines and tourist guides have often mentioned Aegeon as a “must eat there” place.

Aegeon founder, Georgios Fyllas, opened a café with the same name on Panepistimiou 46 in 1890. In 1926, he made a turn and started serving the famous loukoumades.

Soon, the golden-brown delicious donuts gained a reputation, establishing a tradition that lasted almost a century. Honey, powdered sugar and cinnamon, and the smell of fried dough became fragrances that affected generations.


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